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Archived News
• 17.10.2008

The web site for the New Life Orphans Home is finally launched on the internet. After a lot of preparations and helpful insights from various contributors, this is a major milestone to highlight the plight of these orphans to the world.

• 16.02.2009

The Centre hosted a VIP visit by the President of Tanzania’s wife Lady Salma Kikwete. The Tanzanian First Lady is well known for her humanitarian works and she visits a number of orphanages throughout the country in order to highlight their needs. The children interact with the First Lady and said a special prayer for her.

• 28.04.2009

Students from the local Academic International Secondary School (AISS) paid a visit to the Centre and brought a wide variety of gifts for the orphans. It was an enjoyable time for both the residents of the Centre and the visitors. The interaction between the children provides insight for both groups and enables the orphans to feel part of the society.

• 03.04.2009

Staff of the African Banking Corporation (ABC) were welcomed at the orphanage today. ABC conducts these visits as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility programs. The ABC staff were accompanied by the local TV and print media and interviewed Mrs. Mwanaisha about the challenges and issues of operating the orphanage.   

• 06.06.2009

The Tumaini Project Leader and team payed a visit to the plot site planned for the new orphanage building in Wazo district in Dar-es-Salaam. The site will be an ideal location to house the orphans as it is in a healthy and less populated area. Fund raising plans to meet the project budget are discussed.

• 28.10.2009

It was decided to build the boundary wall with spaced concrete columns joined by brick wall construction. Foundations for the concrete column were dug out and the steel rods put in place for the structure. Towards the end of October 2009, concrete was poured into the prepared framing.

• 10.05.2009

Tumaini Project proposals are unveiled. The new orphanage is to be made up of a main building which has administrative, dining and communal rooms in the ground floor. The adult caretakers and volunteers are also accommodated on the ground floor. Separate dormitory halls for boys and girls are located on the first floor.