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Home Page.About Us.Support Us.The Children.Orphanage Project.
Project “Tumaini” - Hope

The project site is located on a sizeable plot of land owned by the charity and located in the district of Wazo-Chasimba in the outskirts of Dar-es-Salaam. Building plans concepts were approved to develop a proper orphanage facility to house the children.


The new orphanage is to be made up of the main building which has administrative, dining and communal rooms in the ground floor. The adult caretakers and volunteers are also accommodated on the ground floor. Separate dormitory halls for boys and girls are located on the first floor. Adjacent buildings will house the main kitchen and a workshop. The grounds will be fenced to ensure that this is a secure site for the children.


Project Funding

Capital expenses are needed for the new buildings of the New Life Orphans Home.  Securing this capital funding is an essential element in keeping the project on target. Capital funding availability will dictate how quickly the project can progress. Project “Tumaini” is seeking to raise the capital funding through private and corporate gifts and grants. We have a separate account for the Project as below:


KCB Bank (Tanzania) Limited

P. O. Box 90582

Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania

A/C NO.:  702040414

A/C Name: New Life Orphans Home



Any funds may be channelled through the above bank account or by Telegraphic Transfer. Equipment and building supplies are also welcome. A list of the requirements can be forwarded on request.

Latest Project progress can be viewed when you Click here to get full details:

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