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Home Page.About Us.Support Us.The Children.Orphanage Project.
The Children of New Life Orphans Home

The Orphans come from many different backgrounds and some have lost one or both parents due to natural causes or disease. The children are provided with physical and spiritual support.


If you would like to sponsor any child, please request the list of children who do not have sponsor. A monthly donation of just $35 is sufficient to provide food, clothing and education assistance to a child. This is your chance to make a real difference to a child’s life!

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On the following pages we would like to introduce you to some of the children of  New Life Home. For each child we provide a photo and a short description. For some children the name and/or date of birth is not known on arrival. In such a case a date of birth is estimated and a name is given. If something is known about their background, this is also included.


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This is easy - send us an email via link:


to request the full list of children available for sponsorship.


You select the orphan you would like to sponsor from the provided list by name and registration number. We request your commitment for at least a year to regularly send the monthly donation of just $35.



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Husein Saidi Bino, 9 years old


27 November 2001

Intake date:

20 December 2002


Father whereabouts are unknown believed to be dead. Mother passed away on 27.07.2002 due to malarial fever. Lived briefly with relatives but they were too poor to support him. Brought to the orphanage by the local government welfare services.


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