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Home Page.About Us.Support Us.The Children.Orphanage Project.
Who are we ?
Focus On Children

Children in the New Life Orphans Home will be provided housing, education and care that will enable them to become competent and contributing members of society.


Our promise is:

Each child will receive a good standard of physical care.  They will enjoy a balanced routine of proper rest, a healthy diet, plenty of exercise, proper hygiene and daily chores keeping them occupied and teaching personal responsibility.

New Life Orphan Home is presently located in a house at Kigogo Kati in Dar-es-Salaam the capital city of Tanzania. It is managed by Mrs. Mwanaisha Hamadi who has been the consistent champion for the orphans. The orphanage is a government registered and recognised NGO and Civil Society organisation. The centre is now home to about 110 orphans, both boys and girls ranging from 2 to 18 year olds. The children are provided a secure environment and being brought up with Muslim morals and values.

If you would like to visit or do volunteer work at the orphanage while you are in Tanzania, we would be happy to help you make arrangements. Please contact us for more details.

Each child will be cared for in areas of education and be provided schooling, uniforms, and school supplies.

Each child will be exposed to community activities; clean-ups, community service, environmental protection and development that helps them fit into society as they grow.

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Our Trustees

Trustees of New Life Orphans Home come from diverse  members of the society.


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