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Home Page.About Us.Support Us.The Children.Orphanage Project.
• 28.07.2010

Hectic activity at the Orphanage Project site as the ground slab concrete is poured. more>

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Tanzania is one of the poorest countries in the world. The country’s economy depends heavily on agriculture. Approximately 35% of  the population lives below the poverty line. Tanzania has many orphans with little hope of a future. New Life Orphans Home aims to help these children and give them a real future with faith and aspiration. We offer the children a ‘home’ in which they can be safe, receive regular meals and simply grow  to be successful and well-adjusted adults to join the larger community.

Our vision is to empower the orphans and vulnerable children in order to transform them to be responsible and contributing members of the society.


Vision & Mission

We are committed to ensuring special protection for the most disadvantaged children—victims of extreme poverty, all forms of violence and exploitation. All actions affecting a child will be done in the child's best interest.

Where are We ?

Republic of Tanzania

Total Area : 945,203 sq km

Population (2009) : 42,580,000

Per Capita Income : US$ 520

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• 10.07.2010

NLOH Trustee and Tumaini Project Leader pays a visit the orphanage. more>

• 28.02.2010

Foundation construction for the new Orphanage building is nearing completion. more>